• Project Registration

Process for Project Registration:

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STEP 1: After we have received your contact details, we can either schedule a visit to your office or give you knowledge about the entirety of The Real Estate Regulation and Development Act over a telephone/skype session.

During the session, an extensive planning is done on the subjects which includes, but is not limited to

  1. How the project can be divided into phases
  2. The concept of carpet area in RERA
  3. How to manage the funds which are being received over due course of time- 70/30 rule.
    And so on..

STEP 2: After we have understood your requirements and have thoroughly planned the project, we share our checklist with you and you are guided by our experts on how the documents can be arranged.

STEP 3: After having received all the documents, we engage our panel of affiliates (Engineers, CAs, Lawyers, Architects) and get them verified.

STEP 4: After the verification, we upload all the documents online and share the acknowledgement number with you.

STEP 5: Congratulations! Your project registration process is complete and you are RERA registered now.